Third Ward Records, LLC, based in the metropolitan Milwaukee area, has two basic goals:
  • to provide an exceptional facility for individuals and corporate clients to produce music and the spoken word
  • to support selected artists in their creative endeavors through distribution and administration of their work
Located in a 1950’s crane manufacturing building, the Third Ward Records facility features a recording environment capable of accommodating an extensive array of projects.  Third Ward’s comprehensive selection of vintage and state-of-the art gear, in addition to a uniquely-designed practice and performance area, offers its clients an unparalleled experience.  

The production facility in St. Francis, Wisconsin is convenient, accessible, and private: 
  • Approximately 5 minutes from Milwaukee’s Mitchell International Airport (and the  airport Amtrak station)
  • 10 minutes from downtown Milwaukee
  • Roughly 90 minutes from Chicago
  • Ample parking with plenty of room for trailers, semis, and tour buses  
  • Entire facility is  ADA compliant, allowing full handicapped access
The dream of creating this special space began during a visit in 1976 to Carl Perkins’ recording studio in Jackson, Tennessee.  Ken, a Third Ward Records’ owner, grew up in Jackson and knew Mr. Perkins for many years.  He was inspired by Mr. Perkins’ sincerity, love of music, and support for local artists.  By the early 1990s, Ken began to collect gear--all sorts of gear--with the goal of opening his own recording studio.  The result is a space designed to offer an environment that fosters creativity and provides extensive resources for artists who want to excel at their craft.
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