Designed in collaboration with an acoustical engineer, Third Ward Records was built to maximize quality and flexibility.  The main tracking room, outfitted with extensive diffusion and absorption patterns, has 18 foot ceilings.  A wide range of sound characteristics can be achieved with varying sonic tails. In addition, the recording area offers two isolation spaces and has a separate machine room for console, monitors, computers, and other power supplies.  Custom designed, state-of-the-art doors and windows prevent sonic bleeding.

The heart and soul of the space is the control room:
  • Trapezoidal in shape, the room  has a fully floating floor and ceiling  
  • With removable absorption panels custom built to fit the control room windows, the space is ideal for tracking and mixing
  • Relaxing color scheme, along with the warm hickory flooring, provides an inviting environment for both engineer and producer, where optimal creativity and performance can be achieved
  • Trident console and extensive collection of outboard equipment offer a plethora of options for recording and mixing
Studio Resources:
  • Large reception and office section, with an adjacent break area and dining space
  • Comfortable lounge has a big screen television
  • A pair of Genelec 1037s for music play back or critical listening
  • WiFi access
  • Administrative support
  • Ever-present peanut butter-filled pretzels and Tootsie Rolls

Unlike most recording studios, the Third Ward Records production facility features a fully-equipped practice and performance area.  Flexible seating arrangements accommodate up to 45 guests at performances.
It is perfect for:
  • Clients who want to hone material as they record
  • Artists who desire a club-like rehearsal space to simulate an on-stage environment
  • Acts that need a venue to record promotional videos.  
The rehearsal/performance area includes:
  • Stage with lighting, monitoring, and sound system
  • Lighting incorporates controllable par and LED lighting, creating flexibility for desired look and feel
  • Sound delivered through eight active and passive JBL speakers using LabGrupen amps linked to the Midas Legacy 3000 console and outboard gear
  • Monitoring through either floor wedges or in-ear options
Recording in the practice space:
  • Handled through a ProTools 9 Native rig incorporating Apogee converters and an eight core Mac Pro
  • Wired and wireless mics, along with a comprehensive collection of live mic options
  • Extensive variety of equipment available, including drum kits, keyboards, guitars and amps, etc.

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